Q: How do I clean my DOPESTRAP?
A: We recommend to just rinse off your DOPESTRAP when you clean your glass to keep it looking sharp. You may also wash by hand or toss in the dishwasher.

Q: How do you use the DOPESTRAP?
A: Use your water pipe just as you always would. Now place your DOPESTRAP so that the hand-strap is to the back of your hand and you can now grip your piece with confidence! Use as usual and you will fall in love with the added insurance that you will never drop your piece. Use DOPESTRAP as your simple carry handle when your hands are full of other goodies! All you need is one finger to transport your piece around the house.

Q: Can my DOPESTRAP get wet?
A: You bet it can! DOPESTRAP is resistant to most all chemicals and of course water. Leave your DOPESTRAP on to give yourself some security when cleaning your glass in that hot slippery water

Q: What is DOPESTRAP made from?
A: DOPESTRAP is manufactured from high quality platinum cured silicone. It can stretch to accommodate the largest and heaviest of water pipes on the market. The silicone grips your glass without harm.

Q: What size pipe will DOPESTRAP fit on?
A: DOPESTRAP is totally universal with a stretch fit. It fits any stem from 1″-3″. DOPESTRAP will contour to fit almost any shape or size.

Q: Can my DOPESTRAP get hot?
A: DOPESTRAP has a very high heat tolerance upwards of 450 degrees. DOPESTRAP is flame resistant as well.




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