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• High Quality Silicone Grips The Largest & Heaviest Glass Pipes Out There •

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Have had my dopestrap for 10 months and I've used and abused the thing, and not once noticeable sign of damage to the unit itself other than discolouration from having it on my strong silicone bong. I love this product and stand by it 100%, absolutely a win in terms of innovation recommended these to all my friends. If you care about your glass you need one of these or 3 in your life! Excellent price point but easily worth twice that for what you're getting!

Jacob (uncreative.process)    November 15, 2016   Prince Edward Island, Canada    Website   

This has been one of the nicest additions to my daily drivers. Amazing for grip when cleaning which is a must for me. I have broke many pieces over my sink in the past. I also really enjoy the easy of mind I get when a guest is using it and I can know they have a good grip with my glass. This is a must have and their customer support is top notch. Tell them I sent you, lol.

THC4EB    June 28, 2016   Alabama, USA    Website   

Dopestrap has to be the best investment in protection for your glass pieces!!! It stretchs to fit almost any piece and is made to fit comfortably for hours!!! If you don't have a dopestrap get one! You will thank yourself later.

Chris clewis    June 27, 2016   California   

Love the dopestrap. I def recommend. I have 2 at the moment and more to come. ❤️

Melissa    June 27, 2016  

i have to say one of my best 420 related purchases i have bought in a hella long time… simple idea yet such a life saver! The Guys at dopestrap are awesome folks! Definitely worth the low low cost to protect your valuable glass and heady pieces!

Mike M    June 13, 2016  

Can't say I have come across a more versitle, useful, durable cannabis accessory as needed as this, truly is a staple to any stoners collection! I personally will never take a hit again without the use of a dopestrap, amazing product, company, and people thanks so much for innovating and creating ✌🏼️

Jacob Y    July 3, 2016   Canada    Website   

I love my dopestrap, I will never smoke again without one!!!!!

Taylor    May 14, 2016  

Love my PINK dopestrap! They definitely make me feel more secure when holding a bong. Such a great investment to keep from breaking glass!

Barbiegotbaked    June 28, 2016   USA    Website   

I found DopeStrap on Instagram and was super excited about the idea but skeptical that it would work as described. My worries were for nothing though because the DopeStrap is amazing! They use high quality materials that grip your glass pieces tightly - I can literally shake my bong around my the DopeStrap and while the water might splash a bit the DopeStrap will not come off! I use it all the time to keep my bong secure while I'm smoking, I've used it as a handle to catch it from falling over, and when I'm cleaning it's the perfect thing to hold on to so my hands don't slip. Just recently got another DopeStrap & I don't even have another bong to put it on, I just love the brand & concept! Plus the price is so reasonable, there's no reason not to get one!

Marissa Armas    June 30, 2016   Eugene, Oregon    Website   

This strap is the coolest and most safe accessory I have. I love the texture and all the colors. I own an ICE strap and a purple strap... I would definitely recommend this product to everyone and anyone who owns a piece. It literally fits on almost any piece and when using it, I can guarantee you won't break your precious piece!! Overall a great experience to deal with the company. I am very satisfied. I love it!! 🙌🙌😼

Courtney    June 30, 2016   California    Website   

Awesome product! This has saved hundreds of $$$$ of glass from hitting the floor! I now own 4......

NAME *Michael LaChance    January 2, 2018  



Platinum cured silicone stretches to fit any size or shape bong out there. DOPESTRAP will stretch to fit the largest water pipes or dab rigs as well as smaller heady pieces. High quality silicone grips your glass tight and without harm. Never go without your DOPESTRAP


DOPESTRAP is the one and only way to use your bong from now on. Our patented hand strap will be your beautiful investment’s new best friend.

The DOPESTRAP is made from high quality platinum cured silicone that is resistant to most all chemicals, high heat, water, and definitely abuse. Let DOPESTRAP save your glass once and for all!

Its super strong universal fit makes it the best bong handle you could ever imagine.

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